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La Cumbia

The podcast this week includes three examples of different types of cumbia.  One is a traditional style from Columbia that is also well-known in Argentina, one is from ~1970s Argentina and the thirs is an example of cumbia villera, a more modern style which includes lyrics about life in the villas.

To hear us talk about them in more detail you can listen to the Spanish-language podcast episode below, and subscribe on iTunes for more episodes:


Here is a video of some guys dancing to cumbia:


We hope the levels in the podcast are OK and you can hear the (brief) examples.  Please leave a review on iTunes to let us know what you think and we may try to include more music in future episodes.


List of Resources for Learning Argentinian Spanish:

Our free list of resources to help you learn Spanish is available here:


Have you heard cumbia before? Do you like it?


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