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There currently aren’t a great deal of resources available that specifically focus on Argentinian Spanish. We hope to develop our own products in future, but we both work full time and the podcast/blog take up a lot of ‘spare’ time. 

Che Boludo!

So until then, !Che Boludo! A gringo’s guide to understanding the Argentines, 3rd edition is probably the best on the market. It’s now in it’s third edition and has a bit of a cult following. The best thing about it is that it includes hand gestures which are an essential part of speaking Argentine… Like the one on the front cover – ojo eh

Guide Books: 

We can’t decide on which/any guide books we like at the moment. Just wing it and check Trip Advisor on your phone as you go! (we will add some more useful information on the blog as we go too).


As of 2014, Argentina is the only Latin American country to have won an Oscar. One for The Official Story (1985) and one for El Secreto de Sus Ojos (2009)Ricardo Darín, is pretty famous in Argentina, and seems to be in nearly everything! Also, Nine Queens (Nueve Reinas) is a good thriller, also starring Ricardo Darín.


Also, the (excellent) Motorcycle Diaries starring hit-with-the-ladies Gael García Bernal, and the film that ‘inspired’ (read: was ripped-off by) Little Miss Sunshine, Rolling Family.  Although, admitedly the American version is better.


Volunteering Latin America:

If you are considering volunteering in Argentina (or Latin America in general), then check out:

It is run by Stephen who has compiled a list of places to volunteer, and many of the placements can be combined with courses to learn Spanish. You can find out more from their blog here.


There are many Argentinian bands to check out, depending on what kind of music you are into, but starting points could include: Soda Stereo (rock nacional), what I call the Argentinian “Madness”: Los Auténticos Decadantes, Dylan wannabe Andres Calamaro, indie/rock nacional Los Piojos, or for the original Tango music: Carlos Gardel.

Other websites we like:

Veinte Mundos

Speaking Latino

Voseo Spanish

Also, if you’d like to find a Spanish tutor, connects students with teachers across the US for in-person or online lessons.  The TakeLessons Blog also offers guides and resources for learning Spanish.

We plan to add other books, films, music and other resources over time.

Let us know what has helped you to Learn Argentinian Spanish!

Email us with your recommendations or leave a comment below…

***Particularly if you know of any reliable sources of mate in your area!!

6 thoughts to “Resources”

  1. I have success reading and writing in Spanish after two years of hard work. I am weak in my listening skills, and speaking skills. I really want to listen and understand your podcasts because I love all things Argentina. But all of my listening resources do not use Yeísmo or Voseo. I am really having a hard time with your podcasts because the words sound so different from all the listening resources on the internet! Any chance you will be able to add written transcripts? My brain just can´t make the adjustment but if I could SEE the words I could “tune” my ear! If not, I will still listen, because I do catch some of the meaning….

  2. Por favor. .. a mi me gusta mucho todos los podcasts. Me parecen una muy buena manera de aprender castellano en general. ..

    Pero algo que no entiendo, por favor dime porque Josh ablas asi? Porque el no dice los participios como debria? (Ablar/ablado)???

    Por favor, no entiendo?

  3. Thank you so much for these podcasts. I’ll be heading to Argentina next year, and I really need to start training my ear for the Argentine accent. Your first 4 or 5 podcasts seem to not work … will those be back online at some point? Thanks again!

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