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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I will add to this list as more questions come up. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, just send me an email and I’ll let you know!


What level of Spanish is this aimed at?

The material is 99% in Spanish so it is not aimed at true beginners.  It is more aimed at people who already have a basic understanding and would like to stretch themselves by listening to genuine conversations.  Of course, native Spanish speakers from other parts of the world wanting to learn about Argentina, and Argentinians looking for an outsider’s perspective on their country are welcome too.


Shouldn’t it be Learn Argentine

Maybe.  This guy certainly feels strongly about it.  There seems to be some confusion over which is accepted – e.g. is one for people and one a general adjective.  As far as I can tell though, both British and American dictionaries accept both variations, so it comes down to a personal preference.  I went for Argentinian. The best way to duck out of the debate entirely is to use argentino.


How do I subscribe to the podcast?

Download from iTunes. You can also check out the YouTube page or just click the links embedded into the articles, or sign up to the newsletter for more updates.