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Mafalda is a popular cartoon character, created by Quino, who has become a cultural icon in Argentina for the way in which she managed to make some profound observations about the society through the eyes of a young girl.

In the podcast we talk (in Spanish) about Mafalda, her creator and some of the other characters that appear in her stories. You can also read some examples of Mafalda, in English and Spanish, here (more links and full article to follow later)…

Podcast Episode

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    1. Hola – puede ser, pero… cuando busco el libro de Roald Dahl – usan el nombre del inglés – ¡mira!

      Silvina no conocía a Roald Dahl, ¡que lastima! Pero me dijo que también existe el nombre Matilda en Argentina así no sé…

      Curiosamente el auto-corrector del Word en castellano quiere cambiar Matilda a ‘Matilde’.

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