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Life in Buenos Aires – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In our Spanish podcast this week, we talk about some of the positives and negatives of life in Buenos Aires:


CON ‘tramites’ (chores or errands) and the bureaucracy, made even more difficult by the Banks only being open to customers between 10-3pm.


PRO all that experience with waiting means (like the British) they know how to queue.


CON the amount of dogs of the streets, and the ‘regalitos’ (little presents) they leave behind.


PRO strangers in the street are very open and willing to help out tourists. We have learnt a few things about the city from passers-by!


PRO the cultural life of the city, with many events throughout the year.


PRO many of the museums etc. are free…


CON but the president puts her name on all of the leaflets and takes the credit for it!


CON broken pavements; difficult for wheelchairs or pushchairs.


CON pot-holes in the roads! Often these will be fixed in key electoral districts in the run-up to an election.


PRO the level of engagement of local people in politics


CON graffiti on historic buildings, and many of the tourist districts.


PRO the (low) price of public transport!


Those were some of the positives and negatives we found during our most recent trip to Buenos Aires. To hear us talk about them in more detail you can listen to the Spanish-language podcast episode below, and subscribe on iTunes for more episodes:


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List of Resources for Learning Argentinian Spanish:

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Have you been to Buenos Aires? What did (and didn’t) you like about the city? Could you live there long-term? Let us know in the comments below, or send us an email as we love to hear from you.




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