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Holidays in Argentina

It’s January and that means it’s summer time!… in the southern hemisphere at least. The summer holidays in Argentina generally last from the end of December until the end of February.

We have also been taking some time off, but thought we would put together a podcast talking about the kinds of places Argentinians like to go on their holidays.

Beach holidays – Mar del Plata

There are no (proper) beaches within the city of Buenos Aires itself – the nearest beach is about three hours from Capital Federal by car, and many families visit partido de la costa to relax over the summer. When they go to the beach, they might take mate and facturas and stay for the whole day.

One of the most popular resorts is Mar del Plata. It is one of the biggest / most popular beaches in the province of Buenos Aires. It is the biggest seaside venue close to the capital, but two hours further than the nearest. There seems to be perception that the further from the capital the beach, the more fashionable it is.

Mar del Plata has a casino, cinema, theatres and plenty to do in the evenings. Often there are also ferias artesanales and shops will stay open late – and that’s late by Argentinian standards, so 1-2am. Some of the bars and clubs will be open long after that too.

Las Sierras

For those that don’t like the beach, there are country holidays in the centre of the country, particularly around Cordoba. Where people can admire the scenery, go mountain biking, horse-riding and take part in actividades gauchescas (like gauchos). You can find out more about these kinds of holidays, or at least get more of an idea what they might be like at Sierras Argentinas.


Bariloche is a popular ski resort, but is also a nice place to get away from the heat of Buenos Aires in the off-season (as many ski resorts are). Obviously given its distance from Buenos Aires, skiing and winter sports are generally for the better-off. The long-distance micros are much more comfortable than long-haul flights.


Although the government does what it can to encourage tourism within the country, Patagonia is not as popular a destination as it might be. Patagonia doesn’t seem to have the same mystique and tourist draw that it does for people from outside the country. Also, it can be expensive to travel to Patagonia and for the same money, many Argentinians would prefer to go to Brazil.

Foreign holidays

Argentinians that travel outside of the country might choose Uruguay, which is close by but a little bit more expensive, or Brazil – famous for its beaches, and resorts such as Florianópolis or Praia Brava, and also Iguazu waterfall which is on the Argentine/Brazilian border. Other popular destinations within Latin America include Peru and Chile.

Within the United States, Florida and Miami seem to be among the most popular destinations. Of course there are Argentinians who travel all over the world as well: Mexico, Europe… even New Zealand!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a pelopincho in the back garden to cool off during the hot summers!

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