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Como saludar a un argentino

How to Greet an Argentine

In this episode we talk about the way in which Argentinians kiss, and how el beso is an important ritual when two people meet (0:38).  What it means if people don’t kiss when they meet each other (clue: it’s not good!), and why there may be some less offensive reasons not to (9:00).

We talk about how formal meetings such as doctors’ visits or job interviews might be have different customs and the importance of el pretón (handshake) (11:54).  We also discuss various common replacements for hola, such as ¿qué decís?, ¿qué hacés?, ¿cómo andás? y ¿todo bien? (16:00).

And finally, we talk about sobrenombres or apodos (nicknames), including the typical diminutive ~ito/a forms, common terms like flaco/a and sobrenombres for people from different countries.

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