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BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente)

In this episode we talk about BAFICI, Buenos Aires’ international film festival which Argentina showcases some of the best independent cinema from around the world.  2015 will be its 17th (not 16th as we say in the podcast) year, and over that time it has grown from an audience of ~100,000 to over a million. Not bad for an event that only runs for 10 days.


Around 13 venues are taking part this year, including some of Buenos Aires’ iconic buildings such as MALBA, and Teatro Colón so it would be a good way to get around and see some of the city’s famous buildings. But you’ll need to move quickly as it runs from 15-25 April.  There are also some special 360° performances being shown at the planetarium, such as Tango 360°

You can get more information about the festival from the official page. The site includes a downloadable PDF – over 400 pages long – with the full listings and some good information and articles about the films. Download the full programme here: BAFICI Programme 2015

If you are not able to make it to the festival, it might be difficult to get hold of some of the movies on show – last year 13 out of 16 Argentinian films made their worldwide premiere at the event. But if you are interested in Latin American cinema, it may be worth browsing some of the previous years’ listings and seeing if there are any films which grab your attention.

When we went, back in 2008, I saw a Korean film called Day and Night (Bam Gua Nat) about a homesick Korean who visits Paris. It was the first (and last) time that I have seen a film with three different sets of subtitles! We also saw Lion’s Den (Leonera), which was pretty good – if a little depressing.

This year there is just one entry from New Zealand: “What we do in the Shadows” (or Casa Vampiro in Spanish). See the trailer here (note the film is in English, it’s just part of the international independent cinema festival in Buenos Aires).

It’s all a matter of taste, so check out the listings and see what you like the look of.  If you are interested in Argentinian films in general, maybe Oscar-winner The Secret In Their Eyes, or 2014’s nominated Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) would be a good place to start.  We are in the process of developing a list of useful resources, including books, websites and films which you can find on our resources page.

In the podcast we also use the following (mainly film-related vocabulary), so listen out for the following:

  • trailer – el avance
  • premier – estreno
  • to premiere – estrenar
  • film/movie – película, sometimes abbreviated to ‘peli
  • ‘chats’ – charlas (in the podcast we talk about how movie directors give talks as part of the festival)

We are a few days behind with the podcast due to the Easter (Pascua) break.

Listen to the full episode below (as always the podcast, is exclusively in Spanish)…

Let us know which films you liked/didn’t from this, or previous years.

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