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In this podcast episode we talk about the Patagonian town and popular ski-resort of Bariloche…

San Carlos de Barlioche – gateway to Patagonia  

Bariloche is about half-way down Argentina, close to the western border with Chile, in the foothills of the Andes. Getting there from Buenos Aires is either just over a 2 hr flight or ~17 hours by road – either driving yourself, or on one of the surprisingly-comfortable long-distance buses. Either way, you should get to enjoy quite a view of the famous pampas of Argentina.

Egresados – Barlioche is a popular destination for Egresados – school-leavers (presumably from the same root as the word ‘egress’). The town can fill up with teenagers looking for a good time and celebrating the end of exams, so you may / may not want to go at the same time.

Lago Nahuel Huapí – The first thing you see is a glacial lake, Lago Nahuel Huapí (an aboriginal name from the Mapuche – which could be literally translated as Jaguar/Puma Island). It is also near the national park bosque de arrayanes – myrtle tree forest – and some of the trees are over 600 years old.

Nahuelito – Legend has it that there is a monster that lives in the lake – Nahuelito – the Loch Ness monster of Patagonia. It has been variously described as a serpentine creature, a “sea cow with teeth” and a prehistoric creature, or dinosaur.

nahuelito-2009-foto nahuelito

Nahuelito… or myrtle-tree branches? 

La Abuela Goye – As the town is so close to the mountains, you may need some extra calories to keep you warm. One of Silvina’s favourite cafes is La Abuela Goye, and you can see why!…

la-abuela-goye la-abuela-goye-chocolates


You can hear the full episode (entirely in Argentinian Spanish) below – don’t forget you can subscribe via iTunes. You may also notice that we are both recovering from colds when we recorded this episode, but hopefully the sound quality is OK…

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Have you been to Bariloche? If so, let us know your tips in the comments below!…